What's a Nazarene?

It's the name of both our church and an old nickname that simply means Jesus-follower.  ​


​Jesus grew up in a tiny, insignificant town called Nazareth. Since that's where He was from, Jesus is identified as a Nazarene in the Bible. As time went on, some of those known for following Jesus also caught the name. But, it wasn’t exactly complimentary because of Jesus’ controversial identity; plus the town itself was on the wrong side of the tracks. Of course, Christ-followers eventually became known as "Christians" and put simply, that’s who Nazarenes are too!


For us the old name reminds us of how God takes the lowest and least and lifts them up. Since God came among us doing the same in Jesus, His old nickname challenges us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly through life, just like Jesus.

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